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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adventures in Crafting!!

So after Erin got me hooked on Pinterest, my mom and I have gotten really inspired to get crafty! There are SO many good ideas on there! I have made some awesome new hair accessories, and Mom has made me 3 awesome new dresses! (Pics of those later)
So today I would like to share my latest creations:
(Sorry for the terrible photo, my camera is about 5 years old - which is TOO old these days!)
I also wanted to share some instructions on how to make these, because they are REALLY easy!!
I'll work on adding pictures, I didn't think of it until after I was done!

For the Pinwheel Clips:

You will need: 
  • two different, coordinating fabrics (you can also use just one, but two is more fun!)
  • Scissors 
  • Some type of adhesive - I used some Dry-Bond adhesive sheets that I got at a thrift store for 25 cents, which isn't the greatest for fabric, but it works okay.  Anything that will let you fuse your two fabrics together will work! 
  • A bottle of Fray-Check (glue like stuff that keeps it from fraying) 
  • Needle and Thread 
  • Some type of hair clip - snap clip, alligator clip, thick bobby pin, whatever you have! 
  • Embellishments - buttons, pearls, jewels, brads, whatever! 
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
Okay now for the how-to:
  1. Cut out a square of each of your fabrics.  I used about 3" square pieces, I think. 
  2. Fuse them together using the method of your choice.  If you're using Dry-Bond, place on square of fabric face up on the sticky sheet, and rub it until all of the adhesive transfers to the back of the fabric.  Place your other fabric face up on the sticky side of the fabric.  Rub them together until they are good and stuck! Then iron them lightly to get rid of any wrinkles.
  3. Use the fray check along the edges to get rid of any frays.  I didn't have any fray-check, so that's why mine look a little shabbier than others I've made and posted on Facebook.  
  4. From the CORNERS of the square, cut a straight line towards the middle.  Don't cut all the way to the center, but you can get kinda close. You should now have four foldable "triangles" attached at the center.
  5. Decide which way you are going to fold the pinwheel.  Which way you fold depends on what you want your pinwheel to look like.  For example, for the seersucker pinwheel, I put the navy blue facing down and then folded in, so I had more seersucker showing.  
  6. Next, fold the corners in, one by one, and sew to the center.  Make sure you pick the same corner on each triangle to fold in so you get the correct pinwheel shape. As you fold the corners in, they will overlap in the center and be sewn together.  
  7. Hot glue your embellishment in the center of the pinwheel to cover up the threads.
  8. Hot glue your hair pin to the back. 
  9. Clip the pinwheel in your hair and get complimented!! 

The Flower hair clip is a little easier - No Sewing! And no fusing any fabric together.  Here's a picture of the materials you'll need: 
I used about 7 or 8 of the flower cut outs for mine.
Here's how I did it: 
  1. Cut 8-10 squares of the fabric you want to use.  It should be either a solid or a fabric that has the print on both sides.  Cut the little flower shapes out of the squares - they do NOT have to all be the same! 
  2. Cut a small circle out of felt.  The bigger your circle, the more flower petals you are going to need! 
  3. Take a flower shape.  Fold it in half, petal to petal.  Put a small bit of glue in the center (after it's folded in half) and fold in half again.  Repeat - it should now be a little cone shape! 
  4. Glue the tip of the cone onto the center of your felt circle.  
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with all your petals, working your way around the felt until it is completely covered.  You'll have to play around with them before you glue to make sure you like how it looks! 
  6. Add your embellishments to the center - I used the little buttons that come with button down shirts when you buy them! 
  7. OR - You can continue folding petals and adding them until it is more of a fluff ball hair pin.  I did one of these as well with solid fabric, and it is really cute! 
  8. Glue the felt circle to your hair pin. 
  9. Pin it in your hair and enjoy saying "Oh, I made it!" when people ask you where you got it! 
I hope these are helpful directions.  I feel like the next two weeks I have before I have to go back to school are going to be filled with crafting! If you don't have a Pinterest - go get one! Comment and I will invite you to it! Also leave any comments with any questions!


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