God is Love.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's Face It

Let's face it, I am basically the worst blogger around.  This is due in part to my non-functioning laptop at the moment.  My roommates are so sweet to let me borrow theirs whenever I need it! So I try to only use theirs for necessary things such as homework. I discovered a new resource today - the school library! I basically never go there.  I've maybe been there 10 times since it was built.  But they have SO many resources for students (which is good, since we pay a hefty technology/library fee!) They have so much equipment that you can check out, such as laptops, which I did today! I can now tote around a working laptop for the next seven days.  I think this will help me out tremendously with the two rough drafts of two different literature research papers (all in Spanish!) due next week!
In other news, I really think I have come up with a legitimate backup plan if I don't get into optometry school.  Wanna know what it is? A quinceaƱera planner! :) I recently planned our spring formal for Alpha Gam, and it is going to be very nice for a little less than $4,000.  It also didn't take me very long to plan and I really enjoyed it! I was looking for a backup plan that would let me use my Spanish and all I've learned about Hispanic culture, and then it hit me - I can plan parties for Hispanic families when they want to celebrate their daughters' coming of age! So if you know anyone needing a planner for their next quinceaƱera planner, send them my way! ;)
One thing that's been on my mind is the future and how uncertain it is.  I have to remind myself so often  - let's face it, every single day - that we're not even promised tomorrow.  What makes that concept so hard to understand and so hard to practice is the need for planning ahead these days.  You just can't take it day by day when you're trying to get into graduate school, I don't think. But I'm trying to not "worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matt. 6:34) It's just so hard when so many things depend on what is to come tomorrow! Another thing that recently occurred to me is that I may not get into optometry school.  I have to figure out how to be fine with that, and I really just need to listen to God's plan for my life right now and not focus so much on what I want to do to serve God, and focus on what He wants me to do to serve him, whether that be as an optometrist or a secretary :)
So, we've already faced the fact that I'm a bad blogger and in reality have zero time to do this. But it's an excellent outlet and I really enjoy writing and expressing things this way, so I'm going to try to do better!
Thanks for taking the time to read!!