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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saving up a storm

First of all, I was so excited to have some workout partners today! Erin and Abby came over and we Body Rocked! It was hard, but we did all four rounds - ahh!! If you go to www.bodyrock.tv, it's the "Fierce Friday" workout if you'd like to try it! Working out is always more fun when you have people to do it with you. 

This afternoon Mom and I did our weekly couponing trip.  We were pretty successful today! At Publix, we got about 60 items (that includes 3 ten packs of mechanical pencils) for about $29! That's 50 cents per item folks!! At Kroger, we got 76 items for $112 (after tax), with a retail value of $215 - that's right, we saved over $100!! And we definitely have enough food to last us for a while! I was pretty proud of all the work I put in organizing the coupons, going through the ads and figuring out what we had coupons for that was on a good sale, and making sure we were getting the best price.  I'm kind of OCD about it, so it takes me about 2 hours to get everything sorted out and perfect! But here's the thing - it is not very hard at all and you can save TONS of money! So, thanks in part to my cousin Dana, I am pretty sure I am going to start a mini-business of couponing classes!! I went to a coupon class the other night, and I already knew as much as the lady leading it! So be on the lookout for updates about that :) 

Tomorrow is another day of Body Rocking! And trying to heat a little healthier than I did today ;) 

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  1. Go you!! I saved some today...not near that much though! Have enjoyed seeing you so much lately! :)