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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting better at this

Woo! Two blog posts in two days! What is the world coming to??
So I had kind of a breakthrough today.  I did Body Rock yesterday (which you know if you read yesterday!), and today I was  am SO SORE. Muscles are aching that I didn't even know existed.  I'm not joking when I say bending over to put my shoes on hurt like the devil.  I was also feeling a little bit under the weather today.  So normally I would've come home and just rested and not worked out. But before I went to bed, I forced myself to do some sort of workout.  Let's face it, I wouldn't have even made it through one round of body rock today, so I just did cardio instead.  I did some Zumba with my sister! Some people don't think it's a real workout, but it definitely is.  You get your heart rate WAY up pretty fast because you are constantly moving! Plus it's fun to do, which is a must.  I found this quote from Ryan Reynolds, who got really buff for a movie he was in:

"If you hate your workout, you're not going to do it."

SO TRUE.  So I'm going to try body rock again tomorrow and see if I can make it without dying.  Let's hope.
I'm also doing well on my diet, too! We went out to eat tonight, so I limited myself to a very small portion.  It still wasn't terribly healthy, but it was okay.  Better than my favorite Mexican dish - Burrito con Crema.  Its a deep fried chicken burrito with cheese dip and sour cream on top.  Let's face it, it's delicious.  Let's also face it, it's probably about a bazillion calories.  For a snack today, I had what is becoming one of my favorite things, so I will share it with you all! I got some plain Greek yogurt (NOT flavored!), tossed in some fresh blueberries, and mixed it all up with one packet of Truvia sweetener.  So tasty! Try it sometime this week! :)

Two more Motrin PM and it's off to bed for me!


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