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Monday, April 23, 2012


Where has the time gone??? I finally figured out how to get into this account after battling gmail vs. google accounts vs. North Georgia email.  What a nightmare! But I figured it out, logged in, and the dashboard greets me by saying: "Last post: July 31, 2011."  WHAT??!! That was almost a YEAR ago! I want need to get back into blogging, especially with all the things going on in my life! 

Here are the highlights of what's happened since I last posted (in order of when they happened, not importance!)

1) I moved back to Dahlonega to finish out my undergraduate career.  I had a fantastic last semester, and I was so sad to leave the place I called home for four and a half years.  North Georgia offered me an amazing college experience, and I would not trade it for anything.  I made amazing friendships that I know will last a lifetime, met my future husband (more on that in #4!), and got a great education that will serve me well as I work to do God's will in my life. 

2) I changed my life plan! Well, when I say "I," I really mean GOD.  All along the plan has been for me to go to optometry school and become an eye doctor.  Sophomore year, I changed my major from Biology to Spanish.  Little did I know that that was a stepping stone in another direction! This past semester, as I was counting down the days to graduation, I was absolutely dreading the application process to optometry schools.  The more I thought about moving out of state (probably to Puerto Rico!), the more I was discouraged and disheartened.  I knew in my heart that what I wanted in life was not to saddle myself (and Thomas) with $200,000 in debt, and spend four more years of my life consumed with school, just to have a career that I was not sure I would enjoy.  Through a lot of prayer and talking with my loved ones, I knew that God had a different plan for me....TEACHING Spanish! I'm good at it, I have a passion for it, and I can use that position as a way to end ignorance and encourage students to open their hearts and minds to people from other cultures.  

3) I GRADUATED!! I walked across the stage on December 10, 2011, and became an alumna of North Georgia College & State University.  It was a pretty good feeling :) 

Papaw, Mom, Me, Mema, and Dad on graduation day! 

4) I GOT ENGAGED!!!! Thomas proposed to me on November 29th, the night after the very last day of college classes.  Talk about cutting it close for a candlelighting! ;) He made the proposal everything I wanted, including fireworks! It was so special and I will never forget it.  I LOVE HIM!!! We are going to be an awesome husband and wife.  We are getting married on July 6th, and I. Can. Not. Wait!! 

My beautiful ring! It is perfect! 
Engagement pictures by Steven Orwig
My candlelighting with my sweet sisters! 

5) I moved back home to Jefferson and have been substitute teaching.  I LOVE it...most days.  I am loving being at home with my family!! 

6) We are buying a house!! Hopefully.  We are scheduled to close in ONE week, provided we meet one last condition for the mortgage company.  I have been trusting God with this all along.  He has provided for us so far, and I know He will continue to provide! 

7) As of TODAY, I became an AdvoCare distributor.  I will be doing another post about that tomorrow! They have amazing products, and I have watched my mom, Dana,Aunt Mary, and Erin all use the 24 Day Challenge by AdvoCare.  They have all lost pounds AND inches.  My mom lost has lost 8 lbs so far, and she's only halfway through! Erin lost 10 lbs in 10 days.  It is not claiming to be fat loss, but I'll explain more about that tomorrow! I am starting my challenge in 8 days, on May 1st.  If you want to participate with me, get a free t-shirt, and the chance to win $300, email me at cejack4420@northgeorgia.edu and I will give you details! It is so easy, and will lead to a healthier YOU and a healthier lifestyle for you to enjoy life! 

I am truly going to start using this as a way to keep everyone updated on life, the home-buying process, planning the wedding, and my 24 Day Challenge and quest for healthier living.  

Love you ALL! 

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